Friday, November 25, 2016

UPS Wiring - Inverter Wiring Diagram For Single Room

Today i am writing about the ups wiring / inverter wiring that how can you install the ups electrical wiring in a single room or office. This post is consist a full explained ups wiring diagram and video tutorial in your mother language Urdu/Hindi. So what's you want next.

UPS Wiring / Inverter Wiring For A Single Room

The wiring of ups is very simple and easy connection. In ups / inverter wiring the neutral wire is common and hot wire is from the ups out put. One thing more that in this post which diagram i am gonna to share with you is the automatic ups system diagram and IN SHA ALLAH after this post you will be able to do inverter / ups connection your house. First see the diagram and after that i will explain it step by step.

ups wiring diagram

In the above diagram i shown the incoming supply which is control able form double pole circuit breaker and then i connect this supply to the outlet and neutral wire connect to other outlet and then to ceiling fan and energy sever lights. The ups / inverter will charge the DC battery form the first outlet which wire from the main supply and for 2nd outlet and switches the supply goes form the ups / inverter output supply outlet but only the phase ( hot wire ) not the neutral wire. In the ups / inverter wiring the neutral will be common.

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UPS Wiring In Urdu/Hindi video tutorial

For better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial and IN SHA ALLAH after watching the below video tutorial you will be completely understand.

I hope after watching the above ups wiring video tutorial, you will be understood. Now if you have any question then you can use the below comments section.