Doorbell Wiring Diagram - How to wire or install doorbell in your house

In this post i am writing about the doorbell wiring diagram . As you know that doorbell wiring connection numbering in those electrical house wiring connection which we use in every house. In this post i am sharing with you two doorbell wiring diagram and not only that also a video tutorial which help you more in understanding the wiring connection of doorbell.

Doorbell Wiring Diagram - How to wire Door Bell in House wiring

The wiring connection of door bell is too simple just like a wring a light switch. Before you start work and first switch off the main circuit breaker and then start your work. For door bell wiring we use push button switch which is internally normally open contacts.
To wire a doorbell first switch connect to Neutral wire to door bell and then phase (hot wire) or line to push button switch and then form the push button switch connect this to door bell as i shown the below diagram. I also shown the symbol diagram.

doorbell wiring diagram

For some door bell we use a step down transformer , so the connection of these types of door bell is also same but you need to connect your incoming supply to the step down transformer and and get supply form the transformer output as i shown in the below doorbell wiring diagram.

step down transformer doorbell wiring diagram

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How to wire doorbell ( Hindi - Urdu video tutorial)

Here is the wiring and installation guide video tutorial about the door bell wiring, so if you can understand the Urdu & Hindi language then kindly watch the below video tutorial.

I hope after watching the above video tutorial, now you will be able to understand the above doorbell wiring diagram.Now if want to ask question or need help then use the below commenting system.
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