Saturday, December 10, 2016

RCD Wiring Installation In Single Phase Distribution Board

RCD is a device which make a good safety in electrical wiring, today i am writing about rcd wiring installation in distribution board. In this i will try my level best to make you understand about instillation of residual current device in electrical distribution board.
In DB board we use different types of circuit breakers and different values breaker regarding our total load. In Single phase DB we use the double pole MCB (miniature circuit breaker) as main circuit breaker and we can switch of the all electric supply form this DB board. After we install the RCD breaker to safe him self from electrical accidents.
And after that the connection or wire goes to other breaker. However below i discuss each step of wiring of RCD.
As you know that i also published a video on YouTube in Urdu & Hindi language and if did not watch then  i suggest you to watch the video tutorial by clicking here.

RCD Wiring Installation In Single Phase Distribution Board Diagram

The wiring of rcd is very simple in distribution board and also the below rcd wiring diagram is too simple to understand however first see the diagram and after that i will explain each part of rcd wiring diagram step by step.

RCD wiring diagram in distribution board

For doing the above type of wiring connection or single phase distribution board wiring with rcd flow the below steps.

  • First of all switch off the incoming supply which comes form the energy meter are do this connection before energy meter installation or  do this connection in last and when you done the all work. Call the professional to do this connection.
  • After That get connection from the double pole main circuit breaker and then connect the neutral and hot wire supply to the rcd breaker.
  • After that get the phase or line (hot wire) from the rcd breaker and connect to all you single pole mcb breakers as i shown in the above rcd wiring diagram.
  • Now get the Neutral (N) wire from the rcd breaker and connect to the wire connector. I shown the neutral wire as black color and hot wire as red color in the above diagram.
  • Now your connection from the MCB single pole breaker for each room or load and same get links form the neutral connector and same get earth wire link form the earth connection point as i shown in the above diagram.
  • All links i shown with number form 1 to 5 in the above diagram.
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I hope after watching the above RCD Wiring or RCCB wiring installation in single distribution board in Urdu & Hindi video tutorial, you will be fully understood and now you will no question about this because i clear each step however if you have then you can use the below comment section for asking your question.