Single Phase 3 Wire Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram

In this post I am writing about the 3 wire submersible pump wiring diagram and sharing a video tutorial In Urdu / Hindi language which will be better for your complete understanding. As you know that nowadays we use submersible pump motor on place of other water pump motor. The submersible pump motor working well on the place of other motor which makes these motor popular and mostly used. There are 3 types of submersible pump motor available according the power source. In which the first one single phase submersible pump motor, 2nd is 3 phase submersible pump motor and 3rd one DC submersible pump motor which is available different according the voltage rating and sizes.

1 Phase Three Wire Submersible Pump Starter Wiring Diagram 

In this post I am sharing with you the single phase 3 wire submersible pump wiring diagram. In this single phase submersible pump control box diagram I shown the incoming AC supply L and N. A DPST (double pole single through switch), reset able thermal overload protector and motor starting capacitor with all connection. As you know two types of winding in single phase induction motor which are main winding (called running winding) and auxiliary winding (called starting winding). The point where these two winding connected together is called common point. The main winding other end is called Run and the starting winding other end is called start. So we have 3 wires but we also three wire in a three phase submersible pump. However this post is about the single phase motor. With these three wires we have also another wire which is called earth or ground wire . This mostly comes in green color.

Here below I have shown the complete connection and installation of single phase submersible pump wiring connection with starter or control box.

3 Wire Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram

The above 3 wire submersible pump wiring diagram / or single phase submersible pump wiring connection with starter diagram is too simple. However for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial which is in Urdu & Hindi language.

I hope after the single phase 3 wire submersible pump wiring diagram and video tutorial about the wiring connection of single phase submersible with control box or starter. Now you will be better understood. However if you need more help or have any type of question. Then you can ask your question by using the below commenting system.

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