Monday, May 1, 2017

CT Installation With Ammeters For 3 Phase System

In today post i am sharing with the complete guide about the CT installation for 3 phase system with ammeter connection diagram. As you know that we use current transformer with amp meter for measuring the high and heavy load. As you know that we wire ampere meter in series for single phase house load or low load. And also we wire ampere meter in our portable generator in series to test the total load. But When it's comes to industrial wiring or power wiring. Where the load high from the house load. Then we use the current transformer (better known with name of CT coil) and CT support ammeter for that type load testing. In this post you will complete learn that how to do connection between the current transformer and ammeter. Also how to do CT installation for three phase system with diagram and video tutorial In your own mother language Urdu & Hindi.

Current Transformer - CT Coil Installation For Three Phase System With Ammeter Connections

In the below diagram i shown the three current transformers with 3 ammeter. As you know that current transformer have to two connection points or terminals. This connection is connect to ampere meter. In the below ct installation with ammeter for 3 phase system diagram i shown complete wiring connection.

ct installation - current transformers installation for three phase

The above current transformer wiring connection with ammeter diagram is too simple and easy to understand. However i suggest you to watch the below video tutorial for better understanding. So kindly watch the below video tutorial. ( Note that the video tutorial is in Urdu & Hindi language)

I hope after watching the above video tutorial and ct installation and current transformer wiring with ammeter diagram. Now you will be complete understood the complete connection of current transformers installation for three phase system. However if still you have any questions according this post or video . Or you want to gave us some suggestion then you can use the below comment box for placing you words. I will try my level best to gave you my best answer to you. Thanks for watching video......
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  1. I want to operate 3 phase power meter however i want to install single CT. Load is balanced. Is there any way i can bring 3 phase power on power meter by having only 1 CT (CT on one phase)