Friday, June 9, 2017

Earthing System In Hindi/Urdu - And How Earthing System Works

Today i am here to share some my knowledge about the earthing system in Hindi and Urdu. When it's come to electrical works, the protection system is very important than other. So the first important thing in electrical works is protection and safety. The earthing system is one of the best protection system in electrical installation and today i am here to guide you about what is earthing system and how earthing system works to protect us from electrical accidents and electric shocks. And that's all in your own mother language in Urdu & Hindi languages. This article and video are very good especially for Pakistanis and Indians.

Earthing System in Hindi & Urdu (What is Earthing and How Earthing/Grounding System works)

Before we tech you about earthing or grounding system in Hindi / Urdu, first i want to write some words about the earthing system.

"What is Earthing system" is very common question which ask form many electrical students. The short definition of earthing is that "the connection of electrical machine metal surface with earth is called earthing or grounding system".

How earthing system Works

Here is shown the earthing system animation and diagram and to understand it that how earthing or grounding works watch the video tutorial. However for complete guide click on below link.

How earthing system works complete guide

earthing system in hindi

earthing system animation
earthing system in urdu - how gorunding system wroks

In the above earthing system diagram and earthing system animation diagram. I showed that how grounding or earthing system works. To understand how earthing system works. Watch the below video tutorial about the earthing system in Hindi and Urdu language.

I hope after watching the above earthing system in Hindi and Urdu video tutorial. Now you will be complete understood. However you can ask me related questions in the below comment box. And if you got some knowledge form this post and video then do not forget to appreciate our work by posting your comments and sharing this post....