Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Single phase Motor Wiring And Controlling Using Circuit Breaker

Today I am writing about the single phase motor wiring and also sharing a diagram about the single phase motor wiring and controlling using circuit breaker. And not only a diagram but I also explain each step in Urdu & Hindi using a video tutorial. And I hope after this post you will be able to wire or control a single phase motor using a circuit breaker. In the circuit diagram I showed the single phase motor, motor internally winding and the connection or terminal points of motor and a double pole mcb circuit breaker.

single phase motor wiring diagram

Single Phase Motor Wiring Diagram And Controlling Using Circuit Breaker

We can control the single phase motor with many different methods. And I will try my level best to tech you about all methods which I can do and which I learned. In this post I am just sharing a single phase motor wiring diagram using a double pole circuit breaker. In the below diagram I shown the internal motor winding connection. I shown the main wiring which we also known with name of running winding. And auxiliary winding which also known with the name of starting winding. The both winding ends which connect together is called common point or common wire and main winding other end called the running wire. And the auxiliary winding other end is called starting wire. I also talked about the internally winding in the below video tutorial. But this is only a short guide and IN SHA ALLAH soon I will make another video in which I explain completely the single phase internally winding connection. Now come to wiring connection. To wire motor with circuit breaker or install the single phase motor you need do some steps which are:

  • First of all switch of the main circuit breaker. 
  • Then connect two wire to motor terminals. 
  • Then connect these wires to double pole circuit breaker. 
  • Then get supply from main circuit breaker and connect to the circuit breaker from which you are controlling the single phase motor. Also connect the earth / ground wire to the motor body. 

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The above the steps to control a one phase motor from double pole circuit breaker, but if you are not professional or not have any skill in electrical works then I recommend don't try this . Because electric works is dangerous. However if you want to do this connection himself then follow each safety roles.

Here is a video tutorial which helps you more to understand single phase motor controlling using double pole circuit breaker in Urdu/Hindi language. So for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial.

I hope after this post and video tutorial about the single phase motor wiring and controlling using circuit breaker. Now you will be understood. However if still you have any question or need any wiring diagram then you can tell me by using the below comment box. We will try our level best to provide your require info. Also share this post with your friends on social media.

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