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3 Phase Distribution Board Diagram For Multi Story House - Building

In this post you will learn about the 3 phase distribution board diagram for multi story house or building. In the diagram I shown the complete method of wiring of 3 phase digital energy meter, 4 pole MCCB (Moulded case Circuit Breaker) , double pole MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) , RCD (residual current device), Single pole MCB circuit breakers, Earth electrode, Voltmeter, Ampere meter with current transformer (CT) connection, Light indicator and wiring connections. This will be the complete guide for wiring installation of three phase wiring system in house.

3 Phase Distribution Board Diagram for House Installation

In the below diagram I first shown the connection between the kWh energy meter and utility pole. The three phase 4 wire system supply comes from the utility pole- and connects to the 3 phase kWh energy meter. Then From the energy meter the 3 phase four wire supply goes to the Main 4 pole MCCB- circuit breaker.

Then From the MCCB Circuit breaker the neutral wire goes to the Neutral connection point. And from this main neutral connection point the neural (N or black wire) will goes to each story. From the MCCB circuit breaker the no 1 line wire (red color wire - L1) will goes to Story 1. The Line 2 (L2) will goes to the story 2 and the Line 3 will goes to story 3.

Every story has their own single phase power supply. The single phase supply will connect first to double pole MCB Circuit Breaker and then from the main double pole breaker the electric power supply goes to double pole RCD breaker. From this and after the RCD the neutral wire will connect to the neutral connection point and Phase (L) will connect to all mcb circuit breaker. In the below diagram I also shown the voltmeter connection and ammeter connection with current transformer. So before you connect the phase wire to main double pole mcb, pass it through from CT as I shown in the below diagram. The CT two wire will goes to the ammeter,

From the Single pole MCB circuit breaker the supply goes to each load. Each circuit breaker for different load. And the neutral will goes also for each load from neutral connection point or connector. Just like this earth wire will goes to each outlet and each point form the Earth connection point.

Just like story one the other story connection is same but every story have their won Line wire. The below 3 phase distribution board diagram for house is too simple.

3 Phase Distribution Board Diagram

The above 3 phase distribution board diagram is just an example. This can be different and you can do these connections with different methods. You can use different value MCB circuit breaker in your distribution board. But always first calculate your total load and then chose your circuit breaker.

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Three Phase Electrical Wiring Installation In House - Home (Urdu & Hindi)

Here is the complete explanation video about 3 phase wiring installation in Urdu & Hindi Language. Kindly for better understanding watch the below video tutorial.

I hope after watching the below video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi language. Now you will able to do the three phase wiring in house or complete understood the three - 3 phase distribution board diagram. However if you have any question according the diagram or video tutorial. You can ask your questions by using below commenting system. I will try my level best to give my best answers.
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