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Law of Resistance Ω Complete explanation & Definition (Video Tutorial)

Today i am writing about the electrical resistance and law of resistance which very important in electrical technology. In electrical works we face 3 words more then other, which are voltage , current and resistance. Today i am here to write a simple definition about the resistance and laws of resistance, and also a video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi language which make you complete understand.

What is Electrical Resistance?

The property or a materiel which oppose the flow of electric current or electricity through it is called resistance or Res... is the ability of a circuit to oppose the electron flow or current.
Or all things which oppose the electron flow or current is called the electrical resistance.

Ohm is unit of resist-ance and ohm is denoted by this ohm symbol "Ω ", and resistance is denoted by "R".

If we have one volt potential difference on conductor both ends and it's getting one ampere (ampere it the unit of current) then this conductor have one ohm resistance.


If a conductor getting one ampere current and it produce one Joule per second (1 watt) percent then this Resistance is called One Ohm.

A one ohm resistance is a resistance which produce one Joule heat in one second by passing one ampere current.

law of resistance
law of resistance

Laws OF Resistance

  • Conductor resistance is directly proportional to the length. It's means that if we in cress the length of conductor then it's resistance will be also in cress.
  • Conductor resistance is inversely proportional  to it’s cross-sectional Area.
  • Different material conductor have there own different resistance.
  • Resistance is have a big relationship with Temperature.

Law of Resistance (Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorial)
Here is an video tutorial  which help you to understood the laws of resistance, so for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial.

                                                   law of resistance video

After watching the above law of resistance video tutorial , i hope know you will be completely understood, however if still you have any question regarding this post or video tutorial then you can post you question in the below commenting system box.

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