Sunday, November 20, 2016

How To Connect Two Batteries To Inverter/24 Volts UPS

My last post was about ups battery connection and video tutorial, in which i disuse- the UPS battery connection which is for 12 volts ups / dc to ac inverter but in this post i am gonna to tell you how to connect 2 batteries to 24 volts ups / inverter, double battery inverter connection or how to connect two batteries to inverter. This diagram and video tutorial will help you to do ups inverter batter connection for 24 volts inverter.

Double Battery Inverter - UPS Connection

The connection of ups / inverter to double batteries is too simple, first you need to connect the batteries in series between one another and after that connect your inverter to the batteries.
When you connect your two batteries in series connection, you will free two terminals, one is form battery one and 2nd from battery two. Connect your 24 volts ups-inverter to two DCV batteries as i shown in below inverter batteries connection diagram.

double battery inverter connection

The above diagram is an complete explanation for connecting 24 volts ups / 24 volts DC To AC Inverter to batteries. Note that when we connect two 12 DCV batteries in series then our total volts of batteries will be 24 volts DC. Or we can said that we can make a 24 volts DC battery by connecting two 12 volts batteries in series connection.

How to Connect 24 volts UPS/Inverter to Batteries Video Tutorial

For completely understanding i suggest you watch the below connecting batteries to inverter video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

After watching the above 24 volts Inverter/UPS connecting to batteries video tutorial, i hope you will be complete understood, however if you want to gave us some suggestion or want to ask question regarding this video tutorial then you can use the below comments box.