Inverter - UPS Battery Connection Diagram

Today i am here to show you the ups battery connection diagram from which you can easily connect a battery to UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or DC to AC inverter. Not only a diagram but also a video tutorial which help you more in understanding the method of installation or connecting ups to a 12 volts battery. So this will be the complete guide.

UPS Battery Connection Diagram Explanation

In the below diagram i shown how to connect a UPS or DC to AC inverter to 12 volts DC battery.  And how to connect a ups to AC power supply.

ups battery connection diagram

In the above ups battery wiring diagram i shown that the negative wire of ups is connect to the battery negative terminal and positive wire which is hot wire and red color is connect to the battery positive terminal. And the inverter / UPS input AC power supply incoming form the main double pole circuit breaker  However you can also get it from an outlet by inserting- the ups plug to electrical outlet.
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How to connect 12 volts UPS to battery video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

Here is the complete video tutorial in your mother language Urdu/Hindi which will help you in understanding. The above connection is too simple and very easy but i suggest you to watch the below video tutorial because you can learn some more from video.

After watching the above ups to battery connection video tutorial, now i hope you will understood completely the ups battery connection diagram which i shown above. 

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