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How To Wire A Room In Urdu/Hindi

In this post i am gonna to share with you a diagram and video which make able to wire a room. In last post i also share a diagram about room electrical wiring with Urdu / Hindi video tutorial. However in my last post i show you a simple wiring installation in a room but in this post i will completely guide with some more extra connection.So first i will try my level best to guide you using a diagram and if you did not understand with diagram then watch the video tutorial in your mother language. However if you understand with diagram then my suggestion to you to watch the video tutorial for better and completely understanding.

How to wire a room in Urdu - Hindi

In the below room wiring diagram i shown to electrical board in which i shown 5 one way switches and two electrical outlets and one dimmer or ceiling fan speed controller in each board. In the below wire a room diagram i shown two ceiling fan with ceiling roses , 4 bulb sockets with light bulbs. In the below diagram i get single phase supply connection from double pole circuit breaker, however if you instill a distribution board in your house wiring then get connection form the single pole MCB breaker One thing more this en example and you can do more different connection regarding your requirements. 
In the below diagram the board 1 two switches controlled the two light socket / holder or light bulbs. And two outlets/2 pin sockets is control by switches wile- in my last post diagram the outlets is not control able form the switches.
The control able means that we can switch of the hot wire supply of outlet using switch just like a fan or light bulb. And a fan is control form a switch and dimmer switch. On thing more that board 2 is same connection as board 1. And the incoming supply is come to boards form the double pole Miniature circuit breaker. I hope you will understood how to wire a room form the below room electrical wiring diagram

how to wire a room diagram

Now if you did not understood then i suggest you my final Medicine  which is a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi language. So for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial and i hope this video will be make you understand to wire a room in house.

I hope after watching the above how to wire a room video tutorial, now you will be completely understood the each point of the room electrical wiring connection. However if you have any question regarding this video or room wiring diagram then you can tell by texting in the below comments box.

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