Monday, September 26, 2016

4 Pole MCB Breaker Wiring In Urdu

Last time i write about 3 phase breaker wiring connection and now you will learn about the 4 pole mcb breaker wiring in Urdu/Hindi. This an short video but you will learn form this video that how to control three phase four wire system using 4 pole circuit breaker.

4 Pole MCB Circuit Breaker Wiring For 3 Phase 4 Wire system

A 4 pole circuit breaker have 8 terminals, in which 4 for interring supply and four for out going supply. So here an simple diagram of 4 pole breaker and after that watch a small video for better understanding.

3 phase 4 wire system controlling using mcb

In the above diagram i shown the controlling of 3 phase 4 wire system using 4 pole MCB (miniature circuit breaker), however for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial.

I hope after watching the above 3 phase 4 wire system controlling with 4 pole MCB video tutorial. You will understood it completely, Now if you want to gave us suggestion or any question then you can use the below comments section.
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