Friday, December 13, 2019

Desi UPS Circuit Diagram With Transformer Formula

This post is about the desi ups wiring diagram. In this post you will complete learn about the disi ups/inverter diagram. And after that you will complete learn how to make a ups/inveter in home. In this post i share a complete diagram, in which controlling circuit/kit, ups module, on/off switch, fuses, outlet, inverter transformer with winding formula and complete wiring are shown. Also a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi language which help to understand the complete wiring step by step...

Desi UPS Circuit Diagram / How to make Desi UPS Diagram

In the below Desi UPS wiring diagram all the details are shown.

desi ups circuit diagram

The diagram too simple and easy to understand how ever if didn't understand then kindly watch the below video tutorial for completely understand. Note that the below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi language.

After watching the above desi UPS wiring diagram video tutorial, now i hope you will be complete understood. However if you have any question according diagram. Then you can ask you question by using the below commenting system. Thanks for watching the video.....
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