Sunday, November 11, 2018

3 Phase Distribution Board Wiring Diagram

Hello every one... Today you will learn about the 3 phase distribution board wiring diagram. Not only a diagram but also a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi language. So what's you need... In the today 3 phase panel board wiring diagram. You will learn about a 3 phase distribution board. In the three phase distribution board we have 6 MCCB (molded case circuit breakers). In which 600 Ampere circuit breaker as main circuit breaker. Five 100 A MCCB circuit breakers, volt meter 0 to 500 VAC, 200/5A current transformer and Ampere meter. Light indicators and earthling connection.

3 Phase Distribution Board Wiring Diagram

In the below Three phase panel board wiring diagram. The complete wiring shown step by step. In the diagram we use wired the MCCB circuit breakers. The all wiring done with Bus bar. In the diagram the two voltmeter wired for 3 phase voltage measuring.

(note that the Red, Yellow, Blue color is used for Line1, Line2, Line3. The black color is used for neutral and Green color is used for the earth wire.)

The current transformer is 200/5A and also same ratio of CT type ampere meter. The ampere meter class 1.5.

3 phase distribution board wiring diagram

Three phase Distribution board wiring Diagram explained Complete in video

For complete understanding the 3 phase panel board wiring diagram, watch the below video tutorial. In the below video tutorial I explained the complete diagram In Urdu/Hindi language.

I hope after watching the above distribution board wiring diagram video tutorial. Now you will be complete understood. However you can ask your question in  the below commenting system. Thanks for visiting and watching the video tutorial.

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