Sunday, February 11, 2018

What is Voltage Drop in Hindi & Urdu

Hello every one. Today I am writing about the what is voltage drop. And I explain the voltage drop in Hindi & Urdu with a video tutorial. In the my last post I talk about the voltage and current. And I explained about the voltage and current in Urdu/Hindi. In the this post I going to share a video tutorials with you in which i complete explained the voltage drop with simple and easy example.

What is Voltage Drop in Hindi/Urdu

The voltage drop is one of big problem in electrical. In electrical devices and wires we have some  resistance and due to risistance its generat some voltage drop. Before to calculate the voltage drop we cannot chose the suitable size of electric cable. I also provide the calculation video about the selection of cable and circuit breaker in my last post. You can also read by using the below link

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In the today post I am sharing with you a video tutorial which is about the basic concepts about the voltage drop. You can also watch this video in our YouTube channel. But the main reason behind sharing this video on this blog is that. Many of viewers visit our blog getting video tutorials. In the below video tutorials I explain the voltage drop in Hindi/Urdu language.

I hope after watching the above video voltage drop explanation video tutorials. Now you will be complete understood. However shown I am sharing with you the simple and easy voltage drop calculation formulas. So stay tune with us.....

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