Thursday, February 16, 2017

Manual Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram For Portable Generator

Today I am here to teach you about manual transfer switch wiring diagram, in which I tech you about connecting a portable generator to house wring or manual transfer switch for double supplier. If you have double supply and want only one electric supply in same time then connection diagram and video is also for you. In the diagram I showed how to connect a portable generator to house wiring with manual transfer switch or single phase changeover switch. But this diagram is symbol type and you want to understand complete. Then watch the video tutorial in which clear all things in your mother language Urdu / Hindi.

Single Phase Manual Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram for Generator or For Double Supplier

In the single phase manual transfer switch wiring diagram or single phase changeover switch wiring diagram , I shown the electric supply with name of  "W" and Generator power supply with name "G".  And transfer switch with name "TS" and load with name or "L". I showed the switch symbol and AC power source symbol for WAPDA and Generator supply. I shown transfer switch symbol and load with a light bulb.

manual transfer switch wiring diagram

In the above diagram I showed all wiring connection with symbols. Which is not too easy to understand. However if you want to learn more then also read below post and watch the video tutorial which you will find out the inside the post.

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Manual Transfer switch wiring diagram Explanation in Urdu - Hindi Video tutorial

In electrical wiring learning the diagram is best and easy option to learn but a video tutorial is more better then a diagram and if the video is in your own mother language then what's you want....
So for better and complete understand about the single phase generator change over wiring or manual transfer switch installation for portable generator or double supplier kindly watch the below video tutorial.

I hope after watching the video tutorial, now you will be complete understood, however if you have any question then use below comment box for placing your question or suggestion. And you really learn about manual transfer switch wiring and installation then  also share this post with your friends on social media.........


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